How will you be remembered?

Now your entire life story can be charted and recorded for future generations with ArchivaLife™. ArchivaLife creates a permanent record of your life, so your descendents will know who you are, and where they came from.

Remember how excited you were about your first car, your first family pet, your first kiss? What was happening in your life the day Kennedy was shot or the morning of 9/11? Most of us will never have the opportunity or talent to write an autobiography. But with ArchivaLife you can detail your reflections on everything from major world events to personal triumphs in just minutes a year – and you’ll leave a testimony that will thrill your children and grandchildren with your facts, memories, and impressions.

ArchivaLife is an attractive, archival-quality memory keeper that makes recording your experiences fun and easy by using prompts in multiple life categories including schooling, career, hobbies, friends, family, faith and much more. The key is ArchivaLife’s patent-pending timeline that allows you to focus on details that are often missed with scrapbooking, simple memory books, genealogy charts, or photo albums alone.

ArchivaLife products have a classic charm with leather texture, top-stitching and sturdy construction that make them attractive additions to any home office, library or living room. ArchivaLife is perfect for everyone – including parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, memoir writers and amateur genealogists – anyone who wants to capture personal or family history for generations to come.