How Children Can Benefit from Occupational Therapy

You probably already have an idea or two about what occupational therapy treatment Occupational Therapy Adelaidemeans, but you still are not quite sure how it helps children. Most people think of it as a procedure that helps people who suffer from cognitive, physical, or sensory disabilities. The concept is about giving them the capacity to become as independent as possible when it comes to living their lives. More interestingly, Occupational Therapy Adelaide – focuses on helping kids improve their skills in many respects, including physical, motor, sensory, and cognitive; the purpose of which is to give them confidence and improve their self-esteem.


The reason why occupational therapy extends to kids and addressing their specific needs for intervention is that while they do not have an occupation to perform, they have a job of learning and embracing physical activities. The role played by the occupational therapist is to afford professional evaluation of a kids’ performance in many areas, including but not limited to playing, academics, and daily activities. The result of the assessment undergoes comparison to the data available for what is developmentally sufficient for the same age group.


So, how do you know if your young one needs intervention via Occupational Therapy Adelaide – According to experts in this field, kids with the following problems or disabilities will benefit from OT:


-Learning disabilities

-Congenital disabilities and injuries

-Traumatic injuries, i.e. brain and spinal cord injuries


-Pervasive developmental disorders

-Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

-Sensory processing disorders

-Mental health issues

-Behavioural problems

-Orthopaedic injuries

-Post-surgical related conditions

-Developmental delays


-Traumatic amputations


-Spina Bifida

-Cerebral palsy

-Multiple sclerosis

-Severe hand injuries


The next rational question is what kind of approach will an occupational therapist use when it comes to children? The truth is there are a handful of methods and strategies, including the following:


Experts can help kids in developing and refining their motor skills, the purpose of which is for them to learn the necessary skills like grasping and releasing toys as well as developing handwriting skills.


They also can help in developing hand and eye coordination, with the intention of improving a child’s learning tendencies in school and even in play. For instance, it helps the child copy things from the board, handle a basketball, hit a target, etc.



Occupational therapists help kids with severe developmental delays to learn mundane tasks that they are supposed to do on their own, including getting dressed, taking a bath, brushing their teeth, and eating.


With intervention via occupational therapy, kids with behavioural disorders get the help they need in maintaining positive behaviour in different environments. To be specific, experts teach kids how to deal with anger, frustration, stress, and anxiety in positive ways.