Qualities to Check When ordering Net Wrap

If you’re familiar with bales, then you already know something about silage wrap. They are used to wrap silage bales to ensure that they are safe from the harsh weather conditions. The advantage of this kind of preservation is to make sure that the farmer has enough feeds for the livestock as the future is unknown especially with the latest increase of global warming effects. Now, if you’re in search of quality silage wrap, there are several features you need to consider before buying the silage wrap.

High Resistance to Tearing

Wrapping the silage bales is not easy since it’s using machines (balers). Therefore, if the silage wrap is of poor quality, then you can expect it to tear and this will lower the speed of wrapping and will compromise the quality of the silage at the time of feeding. Therefore, always ensure that the silage wrap you’re getting is tear-proof.

Optimum Unwinding

It is crucial for the silage wrap rolls to unwind evenly in the baler. The best manufacture will guarantee consistent width and winding which will enable consistent unwinding. If a manufacturer or a supplier does not guarantee this, do not buy from them.

Protection against the Weather

Weather is probably the essential feature that you have to check when ordering quality silage wrap. First, the silage wrap should be waterproof. This way, you will be sure that the rain will dot damage the bale content as the bales will be left on the farm. Also, you need to get a guarantee that the content of the bale is safe from UV rays. The warranty should not be less than 18 months. This way, you can be sure that bales will survive all the harsh weather conditions in Australia. Check and recheck this guarantee before you order.

The above are some of the features to check when purchasing silage wrap. However, you also need to know how to find the ideal baling products supplier. If you have no supplier in mind, you can start by checking online. Just by typing silage wrap suppliers, you will have hundreds of search results. From this, you can shortlist based on your location, with the help of reviews and also the products you’re searching. You can also ask other livestock farmers to recommend you to a baling product dealer or manufacturer they have used before. However, before ordering from any dealer, be sure they can deliver to your doorstep, they are affordable, and they can offer a written warranty.