What Areas Are Checked during a Home Inspection?

Most people already know the importance of building inspections. But do you know what is inspected during a building inspection? Well if you don’t, this article looks at some areas that are checked during building inspections Melbourne.

In a building or house, there are those areas that are prone to wear and tear and are not apparent to the untrained eye until the damage is severe. Now, one area that is always checked is the structural integrity of the house. In fact, this can be termed as a major area as it includes many parts that make up the building. When it comes to the structural integrity of the house, the building inspector will look at several areas.

One area that the inspector will look at is the foundation of the house. The inspector will inspect this to ensure that the house is firm and that it can withstand the weight of the house. Also, if there are any damages, he will note them down. Another area to be checked are the walls. Are they cracked or are they as straight as they should? On the same line, the inspector will check on the roof. Are there any water damages, and is the roof intact and firm? If there are problems with the roof, they will be noted as well. Other things that will be looked at where applicable include the attic and the basements. If all these are checked, then you are sure to know the structural integrity of your house.

The next thing that the home inspector will look at are the systems in your house. There are two main systems in any house or building. There is the plumbing system and the electrical system. The plumbing stem is very important as it helps you maintain good hygiene as well as the convenience of getting clean water in any corner of the house. A home inspector will check the plumbing system to ensure that everything is working correctly and that there are no faulty parts. The electrical system is very important in any house as it enables you to light your home and also power your electrical appliances. The inspector will inspect the electrical wirings to ensure that it’s safe for family use.

Last but not least, building inspections Melbourne involves checking the electrical appliances. Many homes have different home appliances, but a fixture that is common and is always checked is the air conditioning system. The inspector will check to see if it’s working and comment on the findings. They can as well check on other things like fridges, TVs, etc. All you require is to get the right inspectors, and the inspection process will be flawless and a success.